Here we go again! Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy when it comes to how she parents her kids, but she's been getting crazier and crazier with her explanations lately. On June 14, the Teen Mom 2 star was taking heat for refusing to let her son Kaiser Griffith use the bathroom while they were eating, and she defended herself by seemingly insinuating that Kaiser could have an eating disorder. Watch the video above to see the tense moment that fans are outraged about.

While most fans were pissed that Jenelle wouldn't let Kaiser "poo," one fan supported her methods and shared this story: "When My daughter (11) had an eating disorder… was hospitalized for it for three months this year… she did this frequently (going to the bathroom) to use eating disorder behaviors. Good for you for catching on and not allowing him to go. I say ALL the time she isn't allowed to go." Jenelle retweeted the message, which fans took to mean that she was refusing to let Kaiser leave the table for the same reason.

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"Yeah great comparison. The preteen who's been toilet trained for years (hopefully) to the toddler who is just getting out of diapers," said a fan sarcastically. "She did the right thing, don't want Kaiser purging the dinner he hasn't eaten yet ?." Another agreed, writing, "Of course you would retweet the one person who sided with you even though anyone with a brain knows this was all verbal abuse abuse and not an eating disorder."

It's highly unlikely that Kaiser, who is three years old, is leaving the dinner table because he has an eating disorder, as Kids Health explains that seven years old is the youngest age children have reported dealing with anorexia and bulemia. Since it is such a sensitive andd devastating topic, it's no wonder people are getting so upset that Jenelle is comparing her child (who is still potty training) needing to poo, with a pre-teen struggling with body image. Hopefully she learned something from all of this.

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