Wow, families are just really not the Easons’ forte. Jenelle Evans has already ruined her relationship with her own family, and now she’s continuing to cause major issues with David Eason‘s sister Jessica, too. On May 24, Jessica posted a lengthy (and angry) Instagram post about Jenelle allegedly using a fake account to spread “lies” about her.

“Jenelle, I see the messages you’re sending to people using the alias ‘Jessica Jones’ telling them horrible lies about me,” wrote Jessica. “Did you think it wouldn’t come back to me? You’re doing everything you can to hurt me. Why r u so obsessed w me? If u don’t want me to retaliate, then leave me alone!” Jessica didn’t explain what she planned to do in retaliation, but it seemed like a clear threat.

jessica eason, insta

It’s certainly sad that the relationship has become so strained, because they both have kids that would probably love to enjoy their relationship as cousins. Plus, Jessica is close with the rest of the family, and used to be close with David. In December 2017, she posted a baby pic of David with the caption, “Daddy and David. Daddy looks so different lol. I miss my lil Davie so much. He was like my first baby. David I love u buddy.” However, when he married Jenelle in September Jess was obviously already having some bad feelings about it. “Congrats David… Hope you guys have a BRIGHT future #rip.”

This certainly isn’t the first time the two women have butted heads. In January, Jessica called out Jenelle for leaving negative reviews on her t-shirt website. “Once again #Jenelle is starting her immature stalkish [sic] childish crap, then when I retaliate, she runs and cries,” she wrote. “I’m so sick of this crazy moron! And if I see another one of my friends ‘like’ anything else of hers, you won’t hear from me again. I’m fed up!!!” Hopefully these two can learn to get along for the sake of their kids!

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