Another day, another mindblowing tweet from Jenelle Evans. On April 10, she had another tweet-and-delete rant, mostly about how haters don't want to see her happy. One of said haters mentioned that they considered Jenelle's husband David Eason to be a racist, and things took a wild turn when Jenelle insisted he can't be racist… because he's black. Yes, seriously. Watch the video above to see the wild exchange.

Jenelle tried to use David's analysis to back up her claims. The hilarious part is that the he was considered less than 1% African, under a section labeled "low confidence regions" that doesn't even show up unless you select "show more." describes this as "areas for which there's a small amount of DNA evidence found in your sample. All ethnicities with predicted percentages of less than 4.5% appear as low confidence regions." Of course, the argument isn't really whether or not David has a tiny fraction of African blood, but whether he could be considered "black" or could be racist toward people with darker skin than him. There's no denying that David has benefitted in life from his whiteness, so Jenelle is just being tone deaf by arguing percentages of blood with fans.

"Jesus christ Jenelle. You have never sounded more like an ignorant hillbilly," said a Twitter user. "Having African ancestors does not make him black. There are white people in Africa too moron." Anther took a low blow, saying, "She wants to be like Kail Lowry so bad that she's trying to lie about her baby daddy's race. ?" Ouch!

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Jenelle has been battling the allegation that her husband is racist for years. In 2016 she tweeted, "Idk why any of you are even saying he’s racist to begin with like wtf?! Where is this coming from?!" And to be fair, David doesn't have a track record of doing racist things. He does, however, have a record of homophobia, having gotten fired from Teen Mom for his gross anti-trans comments. Regardless, hopefully Jenelle learned something from this experience, though we doubt it.

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