Touchdown! Jay Cutler has acquired an impressive income thanks to his career as a professional football player. Scroll down below to learn how he makes his money and more.

What Is Jay Cutler’s Net Worth?

He has a net worth of $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Who Did Jay Cutler Play Football For?

Jay, 39, played in the NFL for 12 seasons. He began his professional football career as a quarterback for the Denver Broncos in 2006 before he was traded to the Chicago Bears in 2009. The professional athlete continued to play for the Bears for eight seasons until he was released by the team in 2017.

After being let go from the team, Jay announced his retirement and pursued a career as a sportscaster for NFL on Fox. However, the retirement was short-lived and Jay returned to the NFL to play for the Miami Dolphins in 2017. He officially retired after playing for just one season on the Florida team.

Jay earned an impressive salary during his time in the NFL. During the 2014-2015 season, he was the highest-paid quarterback in the entire league with a salary of $22.5 million. While playing for the Bears, Jay earned $54 million in total salary payments. It’s estimated that Jay earned around $120 million in salary during his entire NFL career.

Jay Cutler’s Income Makes Him the Real MVP: Find Out His Impressive Net Worth
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When Did He Start Dating Kristin Cavallari?

The retired athlete began dating Kristin Cavallari in September 2010 and they became engaged in April 2011. The pair called off their engagement in July 2011, though confirmed they reconciled in November of that year.

Jay married the Laguna Beach alum, 35, in June 2013 during a romantic ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. They went on to welcome sons Camden, 9, Jaxon, 8, and daughter Saylor, 6.

Kristin admitted Jay’s retirement impacted their marriage. “It’s been interesting. We’ve really completely shifted roles, so it’s just been trying to navigate this new normal,” the MTV alum told Entertainment Tonight in May 2019. “He’s been great. I mean, obviously he’s here with my three kids today and you know, this is not the first thing he wants to be doing so he’s been great and I couldn’t do it without him, truly.”

Why Did Jay and Kristin Split?

In April 2020, Jay and Kristin announced they were getting a divorce after nearly seven years of marriage.

Even before announcing the split, Kristin opened up about problems in their relationship on her reality show Very Cavallari. “Jay and I have problems … I’ve always been very vocal about that,” she said in a 2019 episode. “We have to work at our relationship, so hearing him say that we’re perfect is kind of silly to me. We definitely have issues.”

Fans got more insight into the split when The Hills alum accused Jay of committing “marital misconduct” in her April 2020 divorce filing.

Why Did Jay Recently Make Headlines?

Jay made headlines when In Touch exclusively reported that he was caught “hooking up” with his good friend’s wife while they were on a family vacation. According to one insider, Jay’s pal “knows” about the affair and “is pissed off.”

“Jay went on vacation with his kids and his friend and his wife and their kids,” a second source added. “The husband and Jay are good friends and also neighbors. Their kids are all friends. While they were on the trip, Jay was hooking up with his wife.”

While the group was enjoying their vacation, the husband “confronted” his wife and Jay about their affair, the insider reveals, adding that he learned the two had been “hooking up for a long time.”

“The friend reached out to [Kristin], so that’s how she found out,” the source said. “She just wants to distance herself from all of this.”

In Touch reached out to all parties and did not hear back by the time of publication.

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