Another day, another controversy for the Duggar fam. On Dec. 20, fans became suspicious of Michelle and Jim Bob after they shared a video from Jordyn’s birthday party. The nine-year-old looks totally scared and covers her chest while her dad grips her shoulders, and flinches every time her mom touches her. Watch the video that has fans crying abuse below.

Of course, where there are Duggar haters, there are also Duggar lovers, and those supporters came out to defend the family. “I suspect Jordyn is a bit shy and a little embarrassed at all the attention. She cracked a few sweet, teeny smiles — especially for her daddy,” said one fan. Another agreed and offered another possible explanation for the child’s odd posture, writing “She’s just a very shy young girl. There is nothing sinister going on in the home. She loves her parents very much, and was not pulling away from them. She was standing on a chair, and possibly felt unstable on it. Why are people so nasty and assume the worst?”

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time that the Duggar family has been accused of abuse. A November photo of toddler grandchildren Spurgeon and Meredith mopping floors with the caption “train them young” sent fans into a fury, saying the children shouldn’t be treated like dogs that can be trained or taken advantage of.

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However, Michelle and Jom Bob aren’t the only Duggars that fans are concerned about. Jill Duggar has admitted to using the controversial “blanket training” method, where parents place babies on a blanket and scare them by snapping a ruler if they try to crawl away. This is meant to teach kids to stay put, but fans called it “cruel” and “abusive.” Jill and husband Derick Dillard also got called out for placing their baby Samuel on the floor while they enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner. Not in a walker, not in a carrier — just straight-up on the floor. When will these people learn!?

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