Fans love to shame the Dillard family, but they may have gone a little too far on Dec. 18 when accusing Jill Duggar‘s two-year-old son Israel of “smothering” and “scaring” his baby brother Samuel. Watch the video below to see the controversial photos!

As always, there were plenty of followers who jumped to little Israel’s defense. “You have the cutest little boys, and so sweet-natured,” one fan wrote, while another said, “He was just scooting him closer and giving him a kiss!” Another exclaimed, “Baby Samuel’s expression is priceless!” referring to the little guy’s shocked face.

Jill and hubby Derick are used to taking heat from fans about their kids, though it’s usually criticism of their parenting and not the children themselves. Less than one month earlier, fans were fuming over a photo of the couple enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at the table while Sam lay on the floor alone. Fans couldn’t believe the baby wasn’t at least in a carrier or high chair!

samuel dillard on the floor, instagram

Samuel Dillard on the floor during Thanksgiving

It’s easy to feel bad for Jill after all the mommy-shaming she endures, but then you look at her husband, and the sympathy quickly disappears. Derick has frequently created controversy, from shaming fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings for being transgender to using charity money on date nights. Man, this family is exhausting…

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