Viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians watched in despair as Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian struggled with Bonnie Disick's grim illness, which ultimately lead to her death in 2013. Scott's mother had been ill for a long time — though her diagnosis was unclear. Tragically, the family was hit with another death three months later when Scott's father Jeffrey Disick died.

While fans saw Scott, 34, struggle to express his emotions as he dealt with his parents' simultaneous illnesses, 63-year-old Bonnie's declining health was one of the show's main plots. And yet, as the news of Bonnie's untimely death broke, fans were shocked.

As E! re-airs episodes from Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons in honor of the upcoming 10-year anniversary of KUWTK, many fans are reliving Scott's grief following his family tragedy. Three months after Bonnie passed, her husband Jeff also passed away from an unknown illness. Months later, Scott, Kourtney, their kids, and Khloé Kardashian paid homage to the Disicks by filming a Kardashian spinoff in the Hamptons. Throughout the show, Scott struggled with a relapse of his alcoholic addiction, taking pills, he experienced suicidal thoughts, and he refused to confront or acknowledge his grieving process.

bonnie and jeff disick

Bonnie and Jeff featured on an episode of KUWTK.

Kourtney and Scott were by Bonnie's side when she died in a Long Island, NY hospital on Oct. 28, 2013. Scott, Kourtney, and her mother Kris Jenner attended Bonnie's services.

While Scott has remained publicly mum on the topic of his parents' deaths, he gave KUWTK viewers a sneak-peek into his struggles with grief when Kourtney told him she was pregnant for the third time.

"I barely feel like I can take care of myself, I am hanging on by a string here," Scott said in response to the pregnancy news. He admitted he was "angry" he lost his parents at such a young age.

scott disick jeff disick

Scott and his father Jeff appear on an episode of KUWTK together.

"I definitely feel horrible that I put Kourtney through a rough time, especially now that she is pregnant," he continued on the show. "But I honestly didn't want to get back to reality, and I didn't want to face anybody. It’s just a lot on my plate right now, especially with everything else that I've dealt with in the past year. I should have made a responsible decision, but I didn't."

While the causes of death are clear for neither parent, it has been widely speculated that Jeff Disick was diagnosed with cancer. In one KUWTK episode, Scott meets a cancer patient and alludes to his father suffering from the same medical struggle.