Something was wrong. On the afternoon of June 29, Heather Locklear exited an hour-long appointment at a Malibu office building, and for the next hour she appeared to be in some kind of distress, according to an eyewitness. 

Dressed in flip-flops and a camouflage-patterned athleisure set, her hair disheveled and wild, the Melrose Place actress, 61, precariously scaled the ledge of the building, gripping pillars for support to avoid falling into the parking lot and a dumpster on the ground below. “It was a seriously steep drop,” says the eyewitness. “If she’d fallen, it could have been bad.”

Once Heather had moved to safety, she sat on some steps and broke down. Then her bizarre behavior continued. “She seemed to be talking to herself,” says the eyewitness. At one point, the actress pulled what appeared to be a journal out of her bag and seemingly got angry at what she was reading before shoving it away. “Then she ran across the road making strange faces.”

Eventually, the twice-divorced star finally made her way to an SUV, where a man believed to be her fiancé, former motocross racer Chris Heisser, 61, was patiently waiting, and they drove off. “Her behavior,” says the eyewitness, “was very alarming.”

Heather’s struggles with sobriety and mental health are well documented. She’s reportedly been to rehab or detox more than 20 times, and in 2018 she was placed on a psychiatric hold following an arrest for battery of a police officer. Now, in the wake of her troubling behavior in Malibu, friends are afraid something awful could happen. “This is beyond scary — clearly a cry for help of some type,” says a source.

It’s unclear what Heather is up against this time. According to one report, some friends fear the actress could be drinking again. “The distress she seems to be in is very sad to see,” says the source. But Heather has a lot of people in her corner, from fiancé Chris — her high school sweetheart — and her parents to her 25-year-old daughter with ex-husband Richie Sambora, Ava, who graduated from the University of Southern California with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy in May. 

“There’s so much love toward Heather from the people in her world,” says the source. “She’s a true survivor who’s been to hell and back so many times in her life. She has a solid support system — people who really want her to feel better. Hopefully, that happens soon and this was a one-off incident.”

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