Gypsy Rose Blanchard and husband Ryan Anderson recently revealed they’re ready to expand their family despite her tumultuous past.

“I don’t have any reservations,” Blanchard, 32, told Entertainment Online in an interview published on Friday, January 5. “We both have talked about starting a family, we just don’t know when yet.”

“My life is a little hectic right now. So, we’re just trying to take it day by day,” she continued. “We’re just trying to start off the marriage on a good foot before we bring kids into this situation right now.”

Blanchard was released on parole on December 28, 2023 after serving eight years of her 10-year prison sentence for the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard. Since her release, she hasn’t been shy about her excitement to start building a life with Anderson.

“Spending eight and a half years in prison, all I was all alone,” Blanchard explained. “I was tired of sleeping in a bed by myself. I was tired of feeling like I had no one to share memories with. I always knew that I wanted to share it with someone, I just didn’t know who. And now, I know who.”

Blanchard met Anderson during her prison sentence after he reached out to her in a letter. Despite the Louisiana native receiving hundreds of letters from different men, she felt a connection with Anderson.

“Ryan’s from Louisiana… and I’m originally from Louisiana, and I saw that, I’m kinda like, ‘Oh, hey, someone from my home state!’ So I wrote him a letter back and we became friends,” Blanchard recalled, “And of course more than friends, and then now we’re married.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson exit a car in New York City
Raymond Hall / Getty Images

The couple tied the knot while Blanchard was still behind bars in July 2022. However, that decision led to her being allowed to move directly in with Anderson once she was released.

“That was important. It’s what we both wanted,” Anderson said during the interview.

As for her wedding ring, Blanchard and Anderson took that as a sign that they were truly meant to be together.

“This is actually his mother’s, so it was passed down to me,” Blanchard revealed as Anderson added that it was “meant to go to his wife.”

She continued, “And it fits perfectly! It didn’t need to be adjusted at all or anything.”

Her release reignited interest in the case and both Blanchard and Anderson have received a slew of negative comments on social media. In one post in particular, Blanchard took it upon herself to clap back at the naysayers.

“Ryan, don’t listen to the haters,” Blanchard wrote in the comments of Anderson’s Instagram post in November 2023. “I love you, and you love me. We do not owe anyone anything. Our family is who matters. If you get likes and good comments great, if you get hate then whatever because THEY DON’T MATTER. I love you. Besides they jealous because you are rocking my world every night … yeah I said it, the D is fire. Happy wife happy life.”

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