Geena Davis says she’d love to see a sequel or remake of one of her most popular films, A League Of Their Own has learned.

Davis, 63, played Dorothy “Dottie” Hinson in the 1992 classic film about the women who formed the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League while many professional MLB players were off fighting during World War II.

“Oh God, a sequel?” Davis questioned Radar at the annual Bentonville Film Festival in Bentonville, Arkansas. “I’ve wanted to do a sequel to every movie I’ve ever made. Because I love the characters, I’m like, ‘I’m done?’ And so, yes, I would love to see a sequel.”

Davis is quick to point out that even now, more than 25 years after the original film was first released, the box office hit still resonates with young girls with a love of sports.

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“I have just as many girls and young women tell me they play sports specifically because of that movie, as when it came out originally,” Davis said. “And it’s not just they want to play baseball, you know? Abby Wambach told me that she plays soccer because of that movie. So it’s fun to be in a movie like that”

For now, Davis is happy with her role of co-founder of the Bentonville Film Festival, an annual six-day festival, held the first week of May of every year in Bentonville, Arkansas. The festival focuses on diversion and inclusion and has come a long way since day one.

“We didn’t know what we were doing. It’s not that easy to launch a film festival it turns out,” Davis told Radar. “But we pulled it off as if we did know what we were doing.”

“And we had 35,000 attendees the first year, which just shows you how much people wanted a film festival with this theme I think,” she added. “And it’s just grown and grown from there, and we’re expecting a 100,000 this year.”

Davis figures someone in that huge crowd has got to feel the same way that she does about sequels and would love to see a new chapter of any of her classic movies, no matter how outlandish it sounds.

“I wanted to do a sequel of The Fly, called Flies,” Davis admitted with a smile.

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