Life with a toddler is messy, but what about life with *five* toddlers? Yeah, we can’t imagine! OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby took to Instagram on Thursday, May 2, to reveal what a closet full of quints‘ stuff looks like … and it’s pretty much as horrifying as it sounds.

“Y’all!!!! This is so annoying!” the 35-year-old captioned a video of her kids’ shoes along with the hashtag “#momofquints.” She added the commentary, “I’m not even quite sure why I even try to keep a kid’s closet organized because this what happens,” she said. “This is what I walked into this morning … shoes everywhere.” We feel for ya, mama!

Perhaps the fam will have more space when they move back into their home? Currently, Danielle and her husband, Adam Busby, are in a temporary residence due to “issues with the old house.” In a video posted in December to their YouTube channel, the couple revealed they were forced to “relocate.”

“It’s been a crazy, crazy, crazy couple weeks,” Danielle began. Adam added, “We couldn’t really get around it. The only way the issues have been … could have been fixed in the house was by us not being there. So we couldn’t stay.”

Two months later, he explained why the usually social couple had been largely MIA. “Why no videos these days?” someone asked him in the comments on Instagram, to which he responded, “Because we are in the middle of filming the new season of our TV show. That takes priority over family YouTube vlogs.” In a separate comment, he added, “(And let’s be real, it probably pays better too!)” OK, honesty hour!

Unfortunately, we won’t know exactly what’s going on with their OG home until season 4 premieres later this year. Sigh. In the meantime, keep the videos coming, D! It’s making us feel better about the current state of our rooms.

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