You may think you know every single one of the Kar-Jenners, but there’s one Instafamous member of the famous fam you’ve probably never heard of: Kirby Jenner. The self-proclaimed “amateur model” and “fraternal twin” of Kendall Jenner isn’t *actually* related to the KUWTK stars, but his Instagram account is home to tons of Photoshopped pics of him fitting pretty flawlessly into their lives.

Most recently, the parody account — which boasts more than 1.1 million followers and only follows Kenny — posted a pic with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

“YOOOO got to work pit crew at the Mountain Dew ‘Dew The Dew’ Dewfest!!” he captioned the February 19 snap. “I drank 3 Baja Blasts, 4 Code Reds, 1 Live Wire, 1 White Out, 3 Voltage and 16 original flavors. There was def a moment where my eyes crapped out on me and stopped working BUT I still had the best day of my life #SugarBlindness#itsarealthing #BestDayEver.” LOL.

Not to mention, he offered up his thoughts on Kim Kardashian‘s most recent pic from Paris. “Omg I’m stealing this,” he said on March 5, while Khloé Kardashian commented, “This is a moment!!!!!!!!!! Queen KKW,” and Kylie simply posted a bunch of exclamation points and heart-eyes emojis.

Kirby Jenner comments on Kim Kardashian's Instagram

Kirby has gotten some major attention since starting the account back in 2015. He even talked to Teen Vogue the following year about his totally real and totally nor Photoshopped page.

“I think my mom was pretty surprised [we were twins],” he jokingly told the mag. “I was cropped out of the ultrasound so at first, she thought Kendall was just the size of TWO babies … Like a really fat baby. I’m not allowed to bring that up [though because] Kendall gets mad at the idea of being the size of two babies.”

Okay, can someone please get this guy on Keeping Up With the Kardashians?!? Or at least Photoshop him in …

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