Fans met Farrah Abraham months before she welcomed daughter Sophia on 16 and Pregnant – and now the MTV kid is 15 ​with new birthday piercings Sophia gushed over her birthday celebrations via Instagram on Thursday, February 22, and revealed three new ​pieces of body jewelry.

“This week has been amazing i honestly couldn’t have asked for more. Im very thankful for all the gifts ive received for my 15th especially, my new 3 piercings!! I got a tongue piercing and 2 dermals that are healing amazing!” she captioned the post. “I’m very grateful for those who could be with me on this special week c: Thank you everyone for the birthday gifts and wishes!! Much love to you all.”

Sophia, 15, shared a series of photos in the carousel, including a snapshot of her new tongue piercing and two dermal piercings. The teen also shared moments of her birthday dinner at Ling Kitchen, where she celebrated with an all-black cake. The dessert matched the black bouquet of roses surrounded by two dollar bills that Sophia received.

While some people wished Sophia a happy birthday in the comment section, others shared their disapproval of her body accessory gifts.

“So sad you can’t see her beautiful face at the age 15 she shouldn’t have any piercing or any makeup at all I don’t know what her mother is thinking her mother and her niece help,” one person wrote.

Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia Gets Tongue, Dermal Piercings
Courtesy of Sophia Abraham/ Instagram

Others, however, didn’t allow the negative chatter to consume the post.

“It’s really awesome to see someone so young with the confidence to be herself in the public eye,” another person commented. “Happy birthday. I really hope you keep the confidence throughout life.”

Last year, Sophia got six piercings for her 14th birthday – including a snakebite piercing. Although Farrah, 32, was slammed for allowing her daughter to get a big amount of body art, the reality star blocked out the noise.

“I won’t be shaming my daughter, I LOVE and support Sophia 100 percent on who and what she wants to become,” Farrah exclusively told In Touch in February 2023. “The mom shamers should recognize what some kids will grow out of and what they [will not]. That’s part of a teen journey as I don’t have my belly button piercing anymore.”

The Teen Mom alum opened up about her painting style with In Touch in September 2022.

“I’m happy that Sophia has her nose piercing and she’s definitely taken over the internet with it. There’s been a lot of other 13-year-olds getting nose piercings,” Farrah exclusively told In Touch at the time alongside her daughter. “If it’s not permanent and if it’s legal, I support it and I would be there. Sophia has her cousins getting nose piercing now. Like there’s just nose piercings everywhere.”

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