This is…a little weird, honestly. On Dec. 24, the official Duggar family Instagram account posted a new photo featuring a cute kid that they probably figured wouldn’t cause much backlash. And boy, were they wrong. The picture appeared to be of Mason, one of the Duggar grandkids, in a little apron and looking every bit like a mini chef. But it’s what Mason is standing next to in the image that has people up in arms.

The Duggars captioned the photo, “We are so thankful to be back home, and so thankful for the help of our little chef in the kitchen. We hope that everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve surrounded by family and friends! 👨🏻‍🍳” In the shot, the “little chef,” Mason, is standing right next to a microwave. Keep in mind that the kid is, well, a kid, and is about as tall as the appliance in the photo. That means it’s very close to the ground, which is exactly why people were slamming the Duggars in the comments.

Mason is one of Josh and Anna Duggars‘ kids and was born in 2017. So he’s pretty little yet, and some people in the Instagram post replies definitely took issue with him or any of the other Duggar kids and grandkids having such easy access to a microwave.

“Why is your microwave so close to the ground?” one person asked. Another responded to that by saying, “lol yes me and my husband said the same thing.” Similar replies included, “lol glad I’m not the only one that noticed I mean it’s cool but my kid would be microwaving everything” and the suggestion that the appliance was there, “probably to start training their kids to cook, clean and take care of his siblings like Michelle did with her kids.”

Who knows why the Duggars have their kitchen arranged in such a way that the microwave is so accessible to Mason. Honestly, who really knows why the Duggars do anything? On the grand scheme of weird moves the Duggars have pulled over the years, this one is frankly pretty low on the totem pole.

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