The Duggar parents have made some major mistakes over the years, and now fans have one more they think should be added to the list. When Anna Duggar (née Keller) took to Instagram on Tuesday, December 10, she wanted to show off the adorable outfit and pacifier she and Josh Duggar had bought their baby daughter, Maryella. But not everyone thought they were cute. Instead, one fan called out the parents over the pacifier, warning that it looked more like a choking hazard than anything else.

Though the pacifier itself likely isn’t an issue, fans noticed that it was attached to the infant’s sleeper by a cord full of wooden beads. Though one fan wanted to stay out of mommy-shaming territory, they did feel the need to speak out. “[I] am a super worry wart,” they prefaced their comment. “So [I’m] a little worried about her pacifier bead holder. If they break, it’s such a [choking hazard], @annadugger.” And they’ve got a point. In the past, similar beaded pacifier clips have been recalled in the United States for exactly that reason.

The accessory wasn’t the only thing fans called out. They also noticed that the little girl’s skin seemed to have a yellowish tint. Though it could be attributed to the lighting the photo was taken in — or even just an Instagram filter — more than one fan spoke up to share their concerns that Maryella might have jaundice. The commenters included more than one nurse as they noted that “her color isn’t good.”

Mom Anna, 31, didn’t respond to any of her concerned followers, but she might have bigger things on her mind. In addition to taking care of a newborn, which is difficult enough, her family was recently entangled in reports that Homeland Security had raided their homes and businesses. Though Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar denied that any member of their family was “the target of any investigation of any kind,” Homeland Security did not dispute the allegations that they’d visited not only the family’s home, but also a business owned by Josh, 31.

Though neither Anna nor Josh spoke out in the wake of the potential scandal, the mom of six did limit comments on her Instagram, preventing fans from asking too many questions. A Radar Online report also indicates that the Duggar son and his father “seemed like they were trying to distance themselves” from each other during a November family outing. “Josh and Anna were sitting on the ground out of the way of the kid’s area,” an eyewitness shared. “Josh was never with Michelle and Jim Bob from what I noticed.”

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