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12 Times ’19 Kids and Counting’ Revealed the Duggars’ Complete Parenting Fails

With 19 kids running around, we're not surprised that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar aren't perfect parents. After all, they have a house full of screaming kids, seven of which are still under the age of 18. It can't possibly be easy. But the Duggars maintain that, through faith, they're able to raise the perfect family. They write books offering their parenting tips and publish blog posts about how to raise the type of child who doesn't yell, talk back, or listen to rock music. And judging by the ratings for their show and the sales from their books, their "brand" is paying off.

But the Duggars' home is far from perfect. Michelle doesn't actually parent all 19 children herself. Instead, she uses a "buddy system." The buddy system is where older siblings are paired with younger ones. The older buddy will help their younger sister or brother with waking up, getting dressed, doing their schoolwork, and even reprimanding them when they misbehave. In other words, the "buddy" basically acts as a second parent, which has been a controversial talking point amongst many Duggar fans.

The oldest Duggar girls, especially Jana Duggar, have had to take care of the majority of their siblings. And now that most of the oldest daughters are married, that leaves Michelle to run the fort on her own. But throughout the show, there have been many examples that prove that Michelle and Jim Bob can't keep up with all their kids without help from their oldest offspring. From losing kids at airports to leaving babies just lying around on the floor, Jim Bob and Michelle are far from the perfect picture of parenthood that they like to portray on their shows. Don't believe us? Below, 12 examples we found straight from the source itself, 19 Kids and Counting.

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