Baby blowout! Audrey Roloff took to her Instagram Story to share a horrifying recap of daughter Ember‘s poop-tastrophe. The tiny tot — who is just days away from her first birthday — was apparently hanging out in her car seat when suddenly Auj and her husband, Jeremy, smelled something foul. Yeah… we’ll let her tell you the rest! Watch the video above for all the dirty details. 

Yet this isn’t the first time a Roloff documented their child’s poo problem. Back in July, Tori Roloff had a pretty ~crappy~ day when her son, Jackson, was discovered bathing in his own feces. “This is for all those mamas… that sometimes feel like they are sinking. That’s been me this week,” the 27-year-old wrote at the time. Not only did her husband, Zach, get sick and throw up all over their front porch, but she then went into Jackson’s room to find him in his crib smothered in a “brown spread.” Yuck!


Credit: Instagram

Unfortunately for Tori and her hubby, they experienced Baby J’s first blowout a few months prior. Back in January, Tor laughed, “So, first time for everything,” she told her then 650,000 followers on Instagram Stories. “Finally, we experienced a blowout. We have not really experienced one. When there’s poop on your couch, then yep, we’ve experienced it!” She added, “Zachary just informed me that it’s not only on the couch, it’s also all over the floor. Nope, I’m burning the house down. Done. Game over. I’m out.” LOL — it’s a good thing he’s so darn cute!

We have a feeling Audrey and Jeremy haven’t seen the last of Ember’s poop disasters. Oh, parenthood!

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