It turns out that some of the Duggars do know what fresh vegatables look like after all. Though they’re frequently sharing less-than-appetizing meals on their blogs and Instagrams (especially Jill Duggar, who loves to throw a can of mushroom soup into pretty much any of her terrible recipes), apparently they do occasionally grab some fresh ingredients at the market. A flash of green must’ve caught their eye when they went to restock their insane kitchen (seriously, their pantry is something else — it looks like it could be a grocery store itself). 

After taking a lot of recent heat about the kind of food they eat, the family finally posted a TBT of some of the Duggar boys — including Joseph, Josiah, and maybe Jeremiah if we’re recognizing the back of his head correctly — doing dinner prep. The picture shows them getting green beans ready to cook. And, in proper Duggar style, of course they’re working with a literal garbage bag full of green beans. Honestly, though, we’re just glad that the food didn’t come straight from the freezer aisle. 

Recently, other family members have also shared dishes that seemed actually vaguely healthy (or at least healthier than normal). When Jessa Duggar made a pot roast, she added baby carrots to the mix. Jill herself mixed up a little salad, though her salad dressing left a lot to be desired. But, to be honest, that’s about all the good news we can share. The rest of it was crusty pizza with hot sauce, Jessa and Jana Duggar‘s bland AF alfredo sauce, and Michelle Duggar‘s “Momma’s Stew,” which contains approximately 8 cans of ingredients plus beef, ketchup, and sugar. Yum. 

That’s all par for the course though. We guess when you grow up like a Duggar, eating food with names like “tater tot casserole” and “barbecue tuna,” you have a little trouble branching out. We’re glad to see they had at least a few freshly-picked vegetables in the mix. And hey, maybe one day they’ll even make it out to an actual farmer’s market. There’s always hope. 

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