There he goes again. Derick Dillard is once more taking heat for something he wrote on social media, but this time, it actually wasn’t offensive. Instead, fans are firing back at him for something that’s actually relatively tame. A few weeks ago, the Duggar in-law started law school, and now, he’s getting in deeep with classes. He and wife Jill Duggar shraed the news on their blog and Instagrams, and Derick’s been documenting pretty much every step of the way on his social media. He even posted a picture of himself giving a thumbs up when he was excited about getting a locker on campus

And, predictably, he got flack from followers for pretty much all of that. “A lawyer with a locker & braces… just sayin,” wrote one fan. Others told him that he should grow up and get a job: “You should be spending time at a job site and supporting your family. You can always go to law school at night like plenty of other people do.” Now, in his most recent picture of himself and his son Sam Dillard “studying,” he’s getting comments about his caption. 

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Sam helping me study some Contracts 😉 #studybuddy

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“Sam helping me study some Contracts 😉 #studybuddy,” he wrote, inspiring commenters to reply, “You don’t need a capital letter in the word contracts. You are in law school and should know better,” and, “A future lawyer should not be capitalizing the word contracts. Sigh…” The guy just can’t catch a break, though it figures considering he’s pretty much the most hated member of the family (well, except for Josh Duggar, though he knows better than to seek the spotlight). 

Others have simply had issues with just how many Instagrams he’s been posting. “Do most law students take this many pictures of themselves? Or are they too busy living their lives?” Ouch. Maybe one day Derick will be able to shut down all the haters — but that day probably won’t come until after graduation and he’s landed a legit job to finance all of his family’s needs. 

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