They may not do a lot of reading for fun, but the Duggars definitely love their books. And we don’t just mean the ones that they’ve written! Whether it’s the bible, prayer book, a book on Godly marriage or chaste lives, they love to show off what they’re reading on their Instagram pages — and Jill Duggar is the queen of that particular move. The mother of two is constantly showing off her family’s reading material, and on this week’s episode of Dishin’ On The Duggars, we’re joining her book club to investigate everything that she’s been checking out. Listen in to the full episode above, and check out the highlights below. 

What books do the Duggars read?

Well, a lot of the time, it’s just the bible. The surprising thing about the super religious family is that they don’t seem to actually go to church very often. Instead, they have bible study and bible time at home — which means they spend plenty of time flipping through those holy pages themselves. While they’re all constantly posting passages and quotes on their Twitter pages, Jill seems to be the one who brings Instagram into play. And she doesn’t just use one of her favorite lines as a photo caption. No, she loves to show off her actual book to prove that she’s really reading it — and she’ll highlight the parts that are particularly meaningful to her. And that can lead to some, well, awkward situations. Like that time she wrote she was “praying for [her] hubby and boys” while reading about adultery. Yikes.

What are the Duggars’ favorite books?

When they’re reading for fun, it seems like they turn to relationship advice books. Because who wants to read a true crime thriller with a mystery twist ending when you could read about how to be joyfully available enough that your husband never has an affair? Michelle Duggar is an especially big proponent of that kind of read, and she and Jim Bob Duggar love to include one particular book in their list of “relationship secrets” that have kept them together for so many year (their believe that divorce is wrong is totally unrelated, of course). Pick up a copy of His Needs, Her Needs and suddenly you’ll be subscribing to the Duggars’ beliefs that husbands need sex while wives need emotional support.

Speaking of books about sex, the Duggars love those, too.

Nothing pornographic, of course, but if you need to learn how to do sex within a two-hour window before or after your wedding, well, this family’s got a book for that, too. On the day of Josh Duggar‘s wedding, his dad passed him down a few pieces of advice in the form of a sex talk he didn’t actually have to have himself. Instead, he gifted his oldest son with a few books, including one on tape called Before the Wedding Night that has all the information new grooms need to know. And they’re also big fans of another instructional how-to called Intended for Pleasure — which is honestly a pretty progressive read considering who’s recommending it! We know we’ll be checking this one out on our own time. Hey, it may not be our wedding night, but there’s always a few minutes to learn new tips and tricks.

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