Earlier this week, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrated 34 years of wedded bliss. While that’s quite an achievement today, JB took this as an opportunity to give his unwarranted opinion on marriage. The Counting On patriarch opened up on the family blog about the basic needs of a husband, and I’m sorry, are we in 1918 or 2018?

“We are so thankful for 34 beautiful, wonderful years of marriage so far and we know the importance of keeping the Lord at the center of your marriage!” he wrote on July 25. We’ll let you take a look below at what the father-of-19 deems every guy’s “basic needs:”

  • A man needs a wife who is loyal and supportive.
  • A man needs a wife who honors his leadership.
  • A man needs a wife who develops inward and outward beauty.
  • A man needs a wife who will make appeals, not demands.
  • A man needs a wife who understands his need for time alone with God.
  • A man needs a grateful wife.
  • A man needs a wife who will be praised by others.

Ew. Of course, there was also a list for the basic needs of a wife…

  • A wife needs a husband who demonstrates spiritual leadership.  
  • A wife needs to know she is meeting her husband’s vital needs.
  • A wife needs a husband who cherishes her. 
  • A wife needs a husband who protects her.
  • A wife needs to have intimate communication with her husband.
  • A wife needs a husband who honors her.
  • A wife needs a husband who invests in her life.

The famous family is known for their controversial view on, well, just about everything, but especially when it comes to relationships. They abide by a strict set of courting rules that includes no full-frontal hugging, no dancing, and no hand-holding until marriage. 

While the system actually seems to be working out well for most of the older children, there’s one Duggar, in particular, that fans feel bad for: Jana. The 28-year-old is practically 68 in Duggar years, and after seeing her twin get engaged, fans are trying to find the “Cinderella Duggar” a significant other ASAP. 

“I’m so happy for him, now I want Jana to find someone,” one fan wrote on social media after the news broke. Another added, “Cough, cough, Jana, cough, cough,” and a third chimed in, “I think it’s so sad the Duggar parents are holding onto Jana.”

TBH, if I were her, I’d stay single for as long as possible. Why? Maybe just re-read this article.

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