Is Jill Duggar setting “boundaries” with her parents and siblings? The Duggar daughter posted a photo of herself and her kids during bath time, and while her sons Israel and Samuel were having fun in the tub, she was reading a book about setting healthy limits. And fans had some, well, interesting ideas about why the mother of two had chosen the reading material that she did. Jill explained in the comments that the book is Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, and called it a “great read so far!” A fan who’d also read the book weighed in, too, explaining that the read is “very good for dealing with toxic family members or friends!”

That set off plenty of the family’s followers, both lovers and haters. “Which…she has a lot of toxic family members lol,” one fan responded. Another had a different suggestion: “A great time to say ‘no’ is going to your husband’s school. That is a good boundary to work on, Jill.” Others hoped she’d learn more about her relationship with her own family than her husband. “Her father controlled her life until she married her husband,” added another fan. “She NEEDS to read this book.”

Considering the conservative and controlling rules Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle put in place for their kids, we can’t help but agree that it’s a good idea for Jill to identify and define her own boundaries in personal relationships. It’s only recently that she and her husband have started to set their own rules for behaving and dressing instead of following her parents’. Growing up, the Duggar daughters were only allowed to wear long skirts and dresses, but in recent years, Jill has started wearing pants and even pierced her nose. Fans have even dubbed her the new rule breaking rebel of the family. If she’s learning how to continue setting her own rules and boundaries, well, more power to her.

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