The Duggars like to have babies. It's what they do — in fact, some would argue that it's all that they do. The famous family is stirring up controversy (again) after fans accused them of being baby breeders. The religious reality stars don't believe in using birth control (hence 19 Kids and Counting), but some fans are wondering: Does that mean they only have sex in order to procreate?

On March 21, the Duggar Family Official Facebook page posted a photo of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with their daughter Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth. The couple recently welcomed a baby boy — Gideon — and are enjoying their lives as first-time parents. "This time last year, these two were engaged and we started wedding planning! Now, they are happily married with a precious son! #SoBlessed," they captioned the photo.

"So do these guys never enjoy sex for the joy of it?" one fan asked. "Or is it simply to have kids. Or get to know each other and get into their groove without babies straight away? I mean I LOVED spending three years married without a baby straight away, we travelled had fun before baby came along. Do the girls ever want to do something else besides have babies? Like get out of their small town see the world meet new people but on their own without the controlling parents or husbands? Just curious is all."

It's true that the Duggar girls usually get pregnant shortly after exchanging vows. In fact, Joy even spakred rumors that she had sex before her wedding. And sister Jinger is seen as a "wild-child" for waiting the longest to have a baby after getting married. Another commenter added that the women might not have much of a choice in the matter. "I don't think these kids are allowed to have wants outside of what they have been brainwashed to want," one fan wrote. The previous fan agreed commenting, "I know they seem to like this life. I guess when you don't know anything else you just accept it. But even the Amish give their kids the choice. It's nice to live in a bubble but I often wonder if any of the girls long for adventure and independence at least for a little while."

Watch the video below to see other times the Duggar family sparked controversy!

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