How Long Does a Duggar Daughter Have Before Becoming a Duggar Mom?

If you follow the Duggar daughters at all it’s either because you are equal parts horrified and fascinated about the fundie family’s lifestyle OR you live for pregnancy announcements. If it’s the latter [insert side-eye here], you were probably thanking god when Jinger and Jeremy announced they were expecting after an agonizingly long engagement. One year of marriage and no baby! What does she think being a woman is? Living life for yourself?

The sad truth is that Duggar women are bred to be breeders. Thanks to their mom Michelle, Duggar girls are raised to believe that there’s nothing more important than getting married and having babies. Well, and boning, but that’s the forbidden subtext. As a result, the girls go from courting to counting their own little ones, like, real fast.

How fast? Scroll down and see for yourself.

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