Does having a reality TV show count as having a full-time job? When it comes to the Duggars, it seems like hardly any of them actually work. And while they all own a lot of properties, it doesn’t seem like there’s all that much that they really do. So we decided to take a close look at the family’s careers, gigs, and side-hustles for this week’s episode of Dishin’ On The Duggars, and, uh, we didn’t turn up all that much. Listen in to the full episode above, and check out the highlights below. 

Do Jill and Derick have any kind of income?

We’re hoping that Jill Duggar gets paid for all those products she tries to subtly advertise on her Instagram page, but after she took down that legit FabFitFun box shill, we’re worried that she’s not actually on that influencer kick. And being in law school is the real deal, but Derick Dillard hasn’t been working in a while — and grad programs aren’t exactly cheap. So do they have money? Or are they cooking with canned goods all the time because that’s the sort of nonperishable food that gets donated?

Is Jim Bob still on that hustle?

He’s worked in real estate, he’s been a car salesman, he was a state representative, and he’s had even more businesses shut down by the state. Jim Bob Duggar has kind of done it all. But is he still doing all that much? It seems like he’s still buying properties and owns a few commercial ones, but if he’s mainly just handing down houses to his adult children as they get married, well, we can’t imagine it turns too much of a profit. So did he get lucky by getting into the real estate game early and he’s still making a pretty penny? Or is he still out there on that grind?

Is there any hope for the younger Duggars to land their dream jobs?

The older girls may have all had their dreams crushed by Michelle Duggar, but the younger ones are still thinking big. And even some of the younger boys seem to have their eyes on real jobs, too, though they’re thinking a little more blue collar than white. But, just realistically speaking, would the Duggars ever let one of their kids go to med school and become a doctor? Is Michelle/Jana Duggar‘s controversial homeschool curriculum even rigorous enough to get them into an accredited four-year university so that they can get their Bachelor’s? We’re crossing our fingers — but frankly, only time will tell. We’re rooting for you, lil Duggars!

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