In what we’ll file under the “least surprising news ever,” the Duggars have managed to spark yet another controversy — this time, about a marriage retreat that they endorsed. The Duggars tweeted that there is “still time to register for this amazing marriage retreat” — which happens to be hosted by the Joy-Anna’s in-laws, Terry and Roxanne Forsyth, and Michael and Debi Pearl, whose controversial teachings are said to "promote child abuse."

Needless to say, fans (and we use that term loosely) of the Duggars were less than thrilled to see the famous family using their platform to promote views they didn’t agree with. Check out the video above to see what the diligent Counting On viewers had to say about the ordeal!

Of course, the Duggars are no strangers when it comes to causing a controversy and sparking outrage. In their years in the public eye, they’ve been a part of more scandals than we can count. One of their most debated scandals came about when it was revealed that Jill was “blanket training” her child — a practice apparently endorsed by the Pearls, who will be hosting the conference.

Blanket training is a technique in which an infant or a young child is required to remain on a blanket for a designated amount of time in an effort to teach the baby “self control.” As part of the “training,” parents are supposed to reward the child for staying on the blanket and punish the child if they try to leave. It has long been rumored that Duggar matriarch Michelle previously admitted to snapping a ruler to physically punish her children as babies.

That’s hardly the first time the Duggars have caused outrage with their methods of discipline. When In Touch uncovered the police reports associated with Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, it was revealed that one of the daughters — who was underage at the time — told authorities that when someone is “bad” their parents spank them. When asked what they use to spank the child in question, the unnamed daughter said her parents “have a rod.”

With the exception of Jill seemingly “blanket training” her young sons, it’s unclear which — if any — of the Duggar offspring have taken on their parents’ methods of discipline.

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