Struggling to cope. Duane “Dog” Chapman took to Instagram to share a sweet tribute to his late wife, Beth Chapman, on Saturday, February 15. The bounty hunter, 67, begged for her to return in the emotional post.

“How I wish upon a star. Where are YOU BETH[?] WHERE ARE YOU!!” the reality star captioned a photo of the blonde beauty. In the comments, fans sent their regards to the widower. “She’s in your heart. Don’t look too hard. Her spirit is always near,” one user wrote. Another added, “Dog, she’s in peace in Heaven. You need to find peace, too!” with a praying hand and pink heart emoji. “She’s with you in your heart,” a third echoed.


Beth tragically died in June 2019 after a long battle with throat cancer. She was only 51 years old when she passed away. Since then, Dog has been distraught over his loss. “Never did I think It’d be this bad,” he told In Touch of his struggle to move on back in August. “When she was with me, I would say, ‘Get in there right now cause someday maybe she won’t be here,’” he said of preparing himself for what was to come. “I would pick her Kleenexes up off the floor and say, ‘someday these Kleenexes won’t be here.’ Now when I go in there and they’re not there I’m like ‘I told myself, so it’s OK. I told myself so.’ So I kind of prepared myself whether she prepared it or not to, you know, see what it could’ve been like.”

Luckily for Duane, he has found comfort in Beth’s best friend and former assistant, Moon Angell. “[Moon] has just been so good to me,” he told Radar Online in January. “I’ll get really emotional and find myself getting into a dark hole and she will tell me to suck it up. So it’s been good having her by my side.”

Although Dog claims the relationship is platonic, he admitted he’s “a lot happier with her around” on The Dr. Oz Show. During his appearance on daytime TV, Dog popped the question to Moon on a whim. “I kind of embarrassed her a little bit and I shouldn’t have,” he told Entertainment Tonight when confirming they are not engaged. While they may not be a pair, Dog definitely cherishes Moon’s company.

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