When you think of tattoos, the Duggars certainly aren’t the first people who come to mind. Fans have been wondering if disgraced brother Josh Duggar has a tat amid his prison sentence, but all signs point to the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar being ink-free. However, there are members of the Duggar fam that have gotten inked, keep scrolling to see who has a tattoo. 

Jim Bob Duggar — Well, maybe.

Jim Bob once shared a photo on Facebook that showed him holding Josh’s son Mason Garrett Duggar. It was a rare glimpse at his grandson, but fans were much more focused on Jim Bob’s ring finger. The area around where his wedding ring usually sits looked much darker than usual — so dark, in fact, that fans wondered if it was actually a tattoo.

Jim Bob Duggar/Instagram

“Is that a ring tattoo?” questioned a fan. “I am assuming it’s not because I don’t think the Duggars are ‘pro-tattoo,’ but it doesn’t look like a shadow either,” said a second. “Such a mystery!”

If the patriarch of the Duggar fam would get any tattoo at all, we’re pretty sure it would be a wedding ring. If one thing is permanent for the Duggars, it’s marriage!

Jill Duggar — Well, kinda.

Jill Duggar Henna Tattoo
Jill Duggar/Instagram

Jill definitely got some ink, but it wasn’t permanent. She got a Henna tattoo on her hand at her church’s winter fair, and even though it didn’t last long, we’re surprised it was condoned by the Duggars at all. Not only does it resemble a tattoo, but it’s also a big part of the Islamic religion. Apparently, that doesn’t bother Jill, who has forgone her family’s strict dress code by wearing pants and getting a nose piercing. Maybe a real tat is next on the docket.

Jill Duggar Tattoo New Ink Amid Shiny Happy People Release
Courtesy of Jill Duggar/Instagram

That real tat might have arrived in June 2023, when Jill debuted some ink on her wrist in a video. The clip showed Jill reading a Bible outside while enjoying a warm beverage. As she held out the mug in her hand, fans could get a clear view of “Jesus” written in thick black ink. However, it’s unclear if the tattoo is real.

Amy Duggar — For real!

Amy Duggar Dillon King Tattoo
Amy King/Instagram

Cousin Amy and her husband, Dillon King, went under the needle for real and got matching biblical tattoos. They both have “rest in the storm” on their forearms, which Amy told People is “a reminder that even when our relationship — and life in general — may be going through a storm, there’s always rest and peace in God through our walk in life.”

Jeremy Vuolo — It’s hidden, but it exists!

Jinger Duggar‘s husband also has a quote written on his bicep, which is often tucked away under his shirt. However, fans were able to sneak a peek during an episode of Counting On, and it’s definitely there. You can catch it about 28 seconds into the clip above. While we couldn’t quite make out what it is, we’re willing to bet it’s also part of a bible verse. And considering Jinger paving her own way with her religious beliefs, we’re starting to think she might be next.

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