LOL, is this even allowed? We were flabbergasted on Sept. 12, when Derick Dillard took to Instagram to reveal he brought a very special guest to his law school class for a date night — none other than his wife, Jill Duggar. Now, they’re back on campus again, and fans are very confused.

“Randomly found Bill Clinton’s old office while walking through school the other day!” he wrote, alongside a photo of him an Jill grinning in front of a wooden door with a placard that said, “Former office of President Bill Clinton.” Obviously that lead to two questions: 1. aren’t they, like, huge Trump supporters? and 2. why does Jill keep going to school with him?

“You should have had to pay to go to class. What you did is called cheating the system,” said an angry follower. “As for saying it’s okay for her to come to school with Derick all the time, it’s really not ok. Once in a while is one thing, but she can’t keep showing up there. It becomes a distraction,” agreed another. “Class is for learning, not hanging out with your spouse,” a third chimed in. Of course, there were positive responses, too. “So happy you get to spend time together exploring.”

This comes just one week after the couple spent a “date night” in one of Derick’s classes. “Sadly, that’s probably the closest she’ll ever get to college,” one user wote. “It’s a shame she doesn’t have a choice.”

Ouch… that’s pretty brutal. For the most part, though, people were happy to see Derick and Jill spending quality time together away from the kids — even if, ya know, they were still surrounded by 30+ people, including Derick’s professor. “Yess!! Best advice to new parents is to find time for just you and your partner once a month or week! Whatever you can!!! So happy you found the time!!” one user wrote, with a second adding, “What a nice couple. You 2 are AMAZING!” 

The last time Derick posted about ~date night~ with Jill was on Aug. 25 when the couple went out for dinner at a sushi restaurant. “Getting some much-needed date time with this pretty woman! Thanks mom/mima @cldilla for watching the boys!#datetime #nokids #sushi,” the 29-year-old captioned his Instagram photo. It must be nice to have so many family members who are able to look after the kids! 

As for Jill? Her most recent Instagram post about Derick was actually a close up black-and-white shot of her making out with her man. “@derickdillard you’re my fave! Can’t imagine my life without you! ?? #sogratefultoGod #soinlove#besthubbyever #bestpapaever,” she captioned the intimate pic. 

Welp, clearly their love is alive and thriving! 

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