You wanna clarify what the heck you’re talking about, Derick Dillard?! The former Counting On star — who was fired for his transphobic comments on Jazz Jennings last year — took to Twitter to reveal he’s a “naturalized uncle,” and fans are like… come again? 

On Sept. 8, “SamSam” and Izzy‘s dad wrote, “This week I had my first midterm exam in law school and became a naturalized uncle! It’s been a good week!” 

People quickly began commenting on the post, with one person writing, “WTF is a naturalized uncle?” Valid q, TBH. In response, the disgraced reality star wrote, “I’m related by blood,” to which another replied, “That definitely isn’t what naturalized means though?”

Based on its definitions, according to Merriam-Webster, Derick just straight-up invented a new meaning. The website states there are four ways to use “naturalize” in a sentence, and the 29-year-old managed to hit none of them. See below: 

1: to confer the rights of a national on; especially: to admit to citizenship

2: to introduce into common use or into the vernacular

3: to bring into conformity with nature

4: to cause (something, such as a plant) to become established as if native

Unless he’s telling us he suddenly turned into a plant after his nephew was born, we’re pretty sure he misused the word.

Several redditors were also quick to comment their thoughts on the matter. Someone quipped, “He’s trying to be clever but instead is making himself look like an idiot, per usual.” A second confused user said, “Am I an idiot for not knowing what a ‘naturalized uncle’ is? LMFAO.” 

Definitely not. If his word choice is any indication of how that midterm went, he’s probably going to have to retake it.

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