Remember when rumors first started swirling that Derick Dillard was going to law school and everyone online was like, “Uh, how does he think he’s going to pay for more college when he hasn’t had a job in a while?” Well, it turns out that the former TLC reality star is finally about ready to weigh in on the subject. When the Duggar in-law shared a post about a date night with his wife Jill Duggar, one fan couldn’t help themselves, writing, “I need to know how you manage your finances!” 

They wanted advice on how to be able to cover university tuition, pay their bills, feed their kids, “AND afford to go out to eat at restaurants for dinner!” Though there’s no more Counting On money coming in, Derick and Jill have somehow managed to continue to do all of this. “Tell me your secrets,” the fan begged. And, luckily, Derick had answers for them. 

“You’ve gotta live on a budget, and make other good financial choices,” Derick cautioned. Other fans weren’t ready to believe that it was so easy, though — or at least that that’s all the Dillards have been doing. “Once you become famous, you make money off your website,” another follower wrote in response. “People will pay to have things advertised on your website and have you promote them. And that can provide a nice steady cash flow.”

Considering the fact that Jill may have officially just kicked off her career as an Instagram influencer, even sharing a (now deleted) post about her first FabFitFun box and her personal discount code, that may just be what’s really going on for the family of four. It wasn’t the first time that any of the Duggars have been suspected of sharing ads, though you’ll never see the hashtag #ad on any of their pages. Jill and Derick may not be reality stars anymore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be on that reality TV hustle by hawking products to their shared millions of followers. Technically we guess you could call that a “good financial choice.”

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