She’s really a Duggar! Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar are already married and are parents to two-month-old son Garrett Duggar, but even though it might be alarming that they already have experienced two major life events in such a short period of time, it’s pretty standard in terms of Duggar relationship timelines. Kendra was only 19 years old when she married Joe, and now, fans are wondering if the 20-year-old will still be able to do things that her peers are able to do like attend college, or follow their dreams or work towards her career goals.

“So unfortunate that the Duggars — except Jinger — can’t get to know their spouses before popping out a baby right away!!” one fan wrote, and another commented, “Way [too] young to be married.”

But honestly, it doesn’t seem like Kendra has any aspirations or dreams other than to be a Duggar wife and mom. During the Counting On season premiere last month, TLC cameras documented Joe and Kendra’s honeymoon to Greece — which is where they conceived their first child together. During a Dinner in the Sky date night, Kendra struck up a friendly conversation with her seatmate, and the woman tried to make small talk with Kendra by asking her where she is from and what she does for work — and Kendra’s replies were actually quite depressing.

“I was staying with my family and then when we got married, I’ve just been traveling mostly,” Kendra said. When the woman asked Kendra if she works, Kendra replied, “No. I’m just gonna stay home and probably help [Joe] with his business. He sells cars.” 

It looks like Kendra is following in her sisters-in-law’s footsteps. All of the married Duggar daughters are stay at home moms who don’t have traditional careers and none of them have attended a traditional college.

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