After being married to actor Doug Hutchison for more than six years, Courtney Stodden knows a thing or two about marriage… and even though they’ve split, Courtney is even open to walking down the aisle again. So what has she learned about relationships, and what advice would she give other people thinking about taking the plunge?

“I can only speak for myself, but I think the advice I would give is just to make sure it’s what you want,” Courtney tells In Touch exclusively. “And in time if you grow, which you will — you know, we never stop growing — but if you realize it’s not the right thing in that perfect time, if the guy truly loves you or the woman truly loves you, they’ll let you go.”

“I think that’s a testament to a true love and a relationship that’s worth getting into from the start,” the 23-year-old concludes. “I don’t know if that’s much of advice, but for me, I think that’s something that I hold close and definitely think is true.”

Courtney and Doug stoked a substantial bit of controversy when they got hitched in 2011. Courtney, a beauty pageant contestant, was 16 at the time; and Doug, an actor known for roles in TV shows like The X-Files and Lost, was 50. They hit a rough patch in 2013 but reconciled by the following years and even renewed their wedding vows in 2016. This past February, however, they split up again — seemingly for good this time.

Like we said, though, this PETA spokesperson is “absolutely” open to a second shot at happily-married bliss. “I don’t know if that’s at the top of my priority list yet, at this moment in time, but I definitely wouldn’t rule it out,” she told In Touch in October.

Good luck to her! We imagine she’ll probably follow her own marriage advice next time, too.

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