Why is this a thing? Jill Duggar shared photos of her dad’s famous barbeque tuna recipe, and honestly, we’re ready to vom. The Counting On alum shared the pictures on her Instagram Story with the poll question, “You tried this before?” with options yes and no for answers on one slide and “Pop’s BBQ Tuna Fish — swipe up for recipe!” on another. Frankly, it looked about as appetizing as it sounds.

The photo the TV personality shared featured a cutting board with a Tupperware full of tuna covered in BBQ sauce. It also showed a bottle of Country Bob’s sauce, an onion, and some bread. The recipe was apparently so revolting to at least one follower, they wrote on a totally unrelated post Jill shared, “Tuna fish sounds absolutely revolting.” Obviously, they felt strongly about letting the 28-year-old reality star know how they felt about her latest culinary offering!

In case you’re curious, here are the ingredients as listed on the Dillard Family blog: “BBQ sauce (KC Masterpiece original, or your favorite brand), canned tuna, drain, onions, diced (optional)” and last but not least, “Whole wheat bread (or saltine crackers).” Yum?

Especially savvy followers of Jill’s Instagram and blog may have noticed that this isn’t even the first time she’s shared this meal with the masses. Back in February, she posted the recipe for the first time and shared it on social media. “This recipe goes back many years to when my parents had seven kids ages 7 and under,” Jill explained on the recipe page. “My mom went to a ladies conference thing out of state for a whole week … which meant my dad (a.k.a. ‘Pops’) had to cook for all of us kids for the week! … At one point during the week is when he brought out the tuna … he opened a can (or several), drained it, added some KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce to it, then served it between two slices of whole wheat bread. It was a big hit!” Whatever you say, Jillybean.

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Courtesy of Jill Dillard/Instagram

Notably, the recipe has been featured on one of the Duggar specials at least once. Jim Bob Duggar also introduced it to Jinger Duggar’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, who was clearly not impressed with the idea of the dish from the get-go. Can you blame him?

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