The damage has been done. Former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star Collin Gosselin “isn’t trying to repair” his relationship with mother Kate Gosselin, a source exclusively tells In Touch. “And I don’t think Kate is either.”

“They still have no relationship at this point,” the source says of the mother and son. “Who knows what the future may hold.”

Collin, 16, and Kate’s relationship has been strained ever since she sent him to a facility for children with special needs in 2015. Collin stayed there for three years until he was released by his father, Jon Gosselin. In December 2018, Jon, 43, was awarded custody of Collin and the teen moved in with Jon, Jon’s girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, and sister Hannah — whom Jon won custody of in September 2018. Shortly after Collin was released, Jon denied he is “on any spectrum or [has] special needs.” In February, the former DJ revealed there has been “no contact” between Collin and Kate since the custody change.

Courtesy of Colleen Conrad/Instagram

Jon and Kate, 45, have been at odds since their divorce in 2009. Kate was originally awarded primary custody of their eight children, which led to a decade-long custody battle between them. The recent custody changes only added to the tension between the exes. “Jon continues to get under Kate’s skin,” the source says. “That will probably never change, but now their son Collin is doing it too.”

Eyebrows were raised after Collin wrote a touching Mother’s Day tribute to Jon’s longtime girlfriend where he seemingly snubbed his reality star mom. “I doubt very much that Collin reached out to his own mother, but there’s absolutely no way Kate’s feelings weren’t hurt,” the insider adds.

Collin Gosselin Isnt Trying to Repair His Relationship With Mom Kate
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“Collin thinks the world of Colleen, he really does consider her an unofficial stepmom. He loves her and he loves her kids too, Jesse and Jordan. That’s why he posted about her on Mother’s Day,” the source explains. “Collin trusts Colleen, he gets advice from her and he looks up to her.”

As for Colleen, she “doesn’t feel like she’s in the middle of Collin and Kate’s relationship,” the source shares. “She loves her life and she cares about Collin, she’ll support and care for him and Hannah as long as they’re in her life.”

Despite Jon’s tumultuous relationship with Kate, Colleen still remains respectful of Kate as a mother. “Colleen doesn’t think about Kate, but she’s not slamming her either,” the insider adds. “She would never talk badly about Kate to Collin or Hannah.”

Hopefully, Collin and Kate will be able to reconcile sooner than later.


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