Cher is at war with her son Elijah Blue Allman as she battles to gain control of his life and finances amid his alleged substance abuse issues and he desperately fights back, sources exclusively tell In Touch.

Courts have twice denied the music legend’s petition to gain conservatorship over Elijah, 47, but she continues to try, most recently by filing a request to gain access to his medical records.

In a dramatic response, Elijah — Cher’s son with the late blues rocker Gregg Allman — claims his mother has no right and is “unfit” to take over his life, in part because she can barely handle her own.

“My mother is 77 and will be 78 when this matter is heard,” Elijah states in his court response. “I have seen her suffer from depression in the past and I do not believe she is capable of making appropriate decisions for my estate.”

The majority of Elijah’s income comes from a trust left to him by his father after Gregg’s death in 2017. Cher contends with her son’s long history of substance abuse he would “immediately” blow all his money on drugs if left to his own devices.

But in January, a judge noted Elijah’s recent drug tests had come back clean, and he appeared to be handling his finances.

In Elijah’s filing, he denies being mentally ill, despite his mother claiming he suffers from schizophrenic disorder and has been placed on psychiatric holds in the past. “I have struggled with addiction, but I am not mentally ill,” he says. “I have control over my faculties.”

Meanwhile, Elijah claims Cher doesn’t even handle her own finances — a personal assistant does it. Their relationship hit rock bottom last year after Elijah’s wife, Marieangela King, charged that Cher arranged for Elijah to be removed from their New York hotel room on the night of their wedding anniversary and sent against his will to a “lockdown” treatment facility.

Cher was unrepentant, proclaiming it’s her duty as a mother to do whatever it takes to protect her son. “Cher’s worst nightmare is waking up one morning to learn her son is dead, and she’s hell­bent on making sure she’s done everything she can to stop that from happening,” says the friend.

But the deteriorating relationship may have already passed the point of no return. “There’s just no coming back from this nasty court fight,” says another friend. “Whatever relationship they’ve had is turning to dust!”

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