Some couples have really great meet-cutes, but the couples from TLC's 90 Day Fiancé have very similar stories about meeting their spouses online. Where their love stories vary though is the moment that they meet each other in person for the first time, and Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno from 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After revealed the very cute (or very creepy) way they greeted each other as soon as Chantel got off the plane in Pedro's home country of the Dominican Republic.

Chantel revealed that Pedro actually didn’t waste any time making the first move and he kissed her almost immediately on sight, but Pedro said Chantel was the one who kissed him first. Obviously, there was definitely a discrepancy in their stories. "You kissed me right when I got off the plane and I was like, 'I don’t even know this guy,'" Chantel said, laughing. "No, you kissed me first baby, okay?" Pedro responded.

Chantel said that Pedro picked her up from the airport with flowers and he walked down the runway and he just kissed her, but Pedro said it was all Chantel’s idea. "Remember what you say, 'You kiss me the first time you see me?' And I say, 'Yes,'" Pedro said in his broken English.

Chantel seemed to agree with him, but she also admitted that since she didn’t really speak Spanish very well at the time, she misunderstood Pedro and thought the plan to kiss as soon as they saw each other for the first time in person was just a cute way to be flirty with each other. "I didn’t know you were serious about it," Chantel told her hubby.

Despite the fact that the couple couldn’t decide on the correct story about their first kiss, Chantel was very sure of the moment she realized that she was in love with Pedro — and it wasn’t that long after their first visit with each other. "I knew that I loved you when I was back in the United States and I woke up looking for my Pepe cause I thought that I was still in the Dominican Republic and I forgot that I came back," she said.

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