As if Chantel and Pedro Jimeno's 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After storyline wasn't dramatic enough, they're throwing his sister into the mix! Pedro's sister Nicole Jimeno Morel doesn't have the best relationship with his wife Chantel ever since they got into a blowout fight just days before Chantel and Pedro's second wedding in the Dominican Republic, but that doesn't mean Nicole and Pedro still aren't close. So when Pedro called his sister and asked him to visit him in the United States and stay in their apartment for a couple of weeks, Chantel was understandably very upset.

It seemed like Chantel and Nicole somewhat got along before Pedro, Chantel, and her family flew to his home country to have a second wedding so that all of his family could attend. At time time, Chantel was upset that Pedro had been sending money to his mother Lidia and his sister back in the Dominican Republic every since he got his green card and started working in the United States. Chantel didn't understand why Lidia and Nicole needed his money, since Lidia allegedly works as lawyer and Nicole works as a model — she was even crowned Miss Earth Dominican Republic back in 2016.

Just days before their Dominican wedding, Chantel decided to confront Lidia and Nicole herself and things quickly got tense between the ladies. At one point, Lidia said that if Chantel doesn't trust Pedro or his family, that she should let him go and Nicole agreed, and said "divorcia te en punto," which means "divorce him, period" in Spanish but Chantel thought Nicole said "puta," which mean b—h in Spanish.

"Okay wait, she just called me a f–king b—h," Chantel said. When Chantel asked Nicole if she called her a "b—h," Nicole said yes and and it seemed like Nicole only said that just to make Chantel more upset.

"You are a f–king whore and you will not disrespect me like this today," Chantel said, walking away and hurling more insults at Nicole. "B—h a–, slut a–, b—h a– whore." Since their feud started over a misunderstanding and a language barrier, we hope Chantel and Nicole will be able to work through their issues for Pedro's sake!

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