New year, new season of MTV’s hit reality TV series Catfish! In Touch has an exclusive sneak peek at the first seven minutes of Catfish Season 8. For the last six years, Red has been talking to Jalissa and her group of celebrity besties online. But the catch is, they’ve never met in person. Fed up with the games, Red jets off to L.A. to track Jalissa down with the help of hosts Nev Schulman and Kameran “Kamie” Crawford.

“This morning, I went to Kim Kimble’s salon to try to find Jalissa,” Red explained in the clip. “And she told me she would be there doing Tamar Braxton’s hair. Kim said she doesn’t know Jalissa. But she did tell me that one of her stylists does do Tamar’s hair. So now I’m heading over to this other salon to talk to the woman that does do Tamar’s hair.”

Nev and Kamie decided it would be a good idea for them to meet Red at the salon, so they headed out. While at the salon, they met Trenee, who is Tamar’s actual hairstylist. Trenee explained that she is Tamar’s only hairstylist and has been for the past few years — so there is no way that Jalissa could be telling the truth.

After chatting with Trenee, Red sat with Neve and Kamie to give them the whole backstory about her potential catfish situation with Jalissa. “I would take you back to 2013. I met Shekinah,” Red said. Kamie explained that Shekinah was publicly known as Tamar’s actual friend and hairstylist and was also a reality TV personality.

A few months after she met Shekinah, Red said she was introduced to Jalissa after Jalissa told Shekinah that she liked Red — and that’s how it all started.. “We were talking all the time which is very unusual for me. Most time [talking] on the phone,” Red explained.
But Red said every time she asked Jalissa to FaceTime, she would come up with excuses — which, of course, is one of the huge red flags that hint at a potential catfish. Jalissa also at one point told Red that she’s a mom to twins.

“Then one time, I was on the phone with Jalissa when she slipped and said, ‘Oh, I’m actually engaged,” Red said.

“To a man or a woman?” Kamie asked. “A man,” Red said. “After her engagement, I backed off and I started dating somebody else. I was seeing her for like over a year and then Jalissa comes back.”

Red said once Jalissa came back into her life, she broke up with her real-life girlfriend. When asked why, Red explained why she has such strong feelings for Jalissa.

“She’s a go-getter. She’s a good mom. She’s gorgeous. We made plans and everything, we were gonna get married, she wanted to have more kids. Everything,” Red said.

Red was so invested that she decided to fly out to Los Angeles to finally meet Jalissa for the first time in person. But on her way there, Jalissa started to ghost her. Will Red finally meet Jalissa, and will Jalissa be who she says she is? Fans will have to tune in to find out!

Catfish premieres on MTV Wednesday, January 8 at 8 p.m. ET.

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