Baby mama drama? Cartel Crew star Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores has tried to give her costar, Loz, some advice when it comes to building a healthy coparenting relationship with his baby mama, Yolanda. But in In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode, Kat came face to face with  Yolanda for the first time when Yolanda stopped by Kat’s tattoo shop where Loz works, and Kat learned some shocking things about what is really going on between the exes.

“In the five years that Loz has worked with me, I’ve never met his baby mama. But I know the relationship has been very complicated. I know he’s been working really hard on becoming a better man for himself and for his relationship with his daughter,” Kat said in the clip.

After she learned that Loz was not at the shop, Yolanda asked if she could speak with Kat outside. The ladies stepped out to the balcony and Yolanda told Kat she knew that she often gives Loz advice about how to coparent.

“I don’t like to get in people’s personal lives too much, but I try to always guide everybody here at the shop because at the end of the day, if my artists are good, their business is good,” Kat explained to Yolanda. “I know that in a relationship, there’s two sides to a story.”

“There’s his side and there’s the truth,” Yolanda said. “You know, my daughter loves him. That’s one thing I’m not gonna deny. If she didn’t ask for him, I wouldn’t be looking for him.”

Kat explained that from what Loz has told her, she thinks he is not involved in his daughter’s life because Yolanda won’t allow him to see their child.

“No,” Yolanda said. “That’s like, not true. I’ve never ever kept him away from her. He lies to his daughter, ‘Daddy will come pick you up this week,’ and then he doesn’t show up,” Yolanda told Kat.

Kat couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Loz, we’re talking about the same Loz,” she said. Yolanda nodded her head and explained it happened that day. Loz was supposed to pick up their daughter, so she texted him to confirm. Yolanda then showed Loz’s text back, which read: “I didn’t say I was going to pick her up.” He added, “I didn’t agree to anything.”

“This is how it is all the time,” Yolanda said. Kat gave her opinion, and she said she thinks they’re just having miscommunication issues. But then Yolanda dropped another bomb on Kat and said Loz was not paying child support — even though Loz told Kat he was paying.

“Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie,” Yolanda said. “He’s always putting the blame on me, “Oh she’s a bitch, she won’t let me see my daughter.’ It’s always a cycle. He comes around, makes all these promises to me, to her, and then he disappears.”

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