Family over everything? Cartel Crew star Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores isn’t happy with her friend Stephanie Acevedo after she overstepped her boundaries when it came to Kat rekindling her relationship with her son’s father, Eddie. In an exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode, Kat and Stephanie get into a huge fight after Kat confronted Stephanie about disrespecting her baby daddy outside of his place of work. Watch the clip above to see In Touch‘s exclusive sneak peek of Cartel Crew.

When the ladies met for lunch, Stephanie didn’t feel she did anything wrong for Kat to be upset with her. “You don’t think going to my son’s father’s job is a reason to be upset with my supposedly best friend?” Kat asked.

Stephanie explained that she had been there for Kat throughout her relationship with Eddie, and she felt it was her place to stand up to Eddie on behalf of Kat and her son, Deniro. “You’re not my best friend, you’re my sister, you’re my family and family protects family,” Stephanie said.

But Kat did not accept Stephanie’s reason for coming at Eddie sideways. “Everything that you’re saying is bulls—t because if you loved me, and you love my son the way that you claim you love him, you don’t go and jeopardize Eddie’s job like that. I don’t understand where you felt comfortable to do something like that,” Kat told her friend.

kat tatu baby flores and her son deniro pose for cute selfie
Courtesy of Kat ‘Tatu Baby’ Flores/Instagram

Stephanie tried to explain that she only did what she thought was best because she knows what Eddie had previously put Kat through in the past, even after Eddie cheated on Kat while she was pregnant with Deniro. But regardless of what went down between her and her man, Kat still felt Stephanie crossed a line when she decided to confront Eddie herself at his workplace.

“To call my son’s father ‘the bottom of the barrel’ in front of his job? You disrespect him, you’re disrespecting my son!” Kat exclaimed. “You know that we’re working s—t out. You’re supposed to be my best friend, you abused my trust and I confided in you …”

The brunette beauties both started to raise their voices at each other and they went back and forth until Stephanie asked Kat flat-out if she loved Eddie — and Kat refused to answer.

Cartel Crew airs on VH1 Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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