Yes, brother husbands actually exist! Now that TLC has not one, but two reality TV shows that are currently on the air that shed a light on polygamy — both the longrunning series Sister Wives and the new series Seeking Sister Wife — fans are wondering if "brother husbands" are actually a thing. Well, turns out, it is! In February 2017, TLC even aired a pilot episode for a series adequately titled Brother Husbands but it didn't quite take off as much as the network expected it to.

The short-lived series revolved around the Stone family — which consisted of wife Amanda, husband Chad, and second husband Jeremy. Together, they have five children — two sons and triplet daughters, and all five children are raised together as siblings. But there are some very big differences between the polygamous lifestyles led by their former TLC co-stars the Brown family and the polyandrous Stone family.

The first big difference is in polyandry (aka a form of polygamy where a woman takes multiple husbands), the family is led by the matriarch. So in the Stone family's case, that means that Amanda is the head of the household — unlike the Brown family, which is led by patriarch Kody Brown. The second biggest difference is Chad and Jeremy do not actually refer to themselves as "brother husbands" like Kody's wives refer to themselves as "sister wives." Instead, Chad and Jeremy refer to themselves as "co-husbands," Chad revealed in a 2017 interview with She Knows.

Another huge difference the reason for their polyandrous lifestyle. For the Brown family, they lead a polygamous lifestyle because it is part of their religious beliefs as part of the Apostolic United Brethren, which is a Mormon fundamentalist group. But the Stone family, on the other hand, have a more liberal, hip mindset when it comes to love and relationships and that's why they chose to live a polyandrous lifestyle.

"We also don’t have a religious reason for doing this. We weren’t seeking it out," Chad explained. "It was a complete shock and surprise that this even happened, and we are just learning as we go. We’ve done a lot of research and reading."

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