Life isn't easy for Seeking Sister Wife star Drew Briney and his wives April, Auralee, and Angela… And not just because they have 13 kids to raise. The polygamist family recently had to move to avoid prosecution, and after that, TV viewers questioned his decision to tell his children to lie. Here's everything to know about this attorney-turned-novelist and his massive family.

They're all about togetherness

"The Brineys love to spend time together," TLC reports. "One of their favorite things to do is go camping. But they're not just all about the outdoors! They also love having tea parties together."

The cable network shared another sweet tradition of the Brineys: Every night, each member of the family shares a source of happiness he or she experienced that day.

They moved to avoid jail

As In Touch previously reported, the family recently relocated from Utah to Oregon under threat of arrest, and now they're renting a house there. They were originally supposed to buy a house in Idaho, but it seems an anti-polygamy seller pulled the plug on the deal.

"Yeah, last minute, the man in charge said no sale or business with wicked people like us, so at the eleventh hour we were without a home to move into and no job to boot," Drew told Facebook fans. "It was sort of stressful."

They're not sorry they told their kids to lie

On the show, we've seen Drew tell his kids that the only justifiable reason to lie is to protect an innocent person from harm, which is why he and his wives told them they should lie if that's what it takes to protect the family.

Drew later delved deeper into the distinction on his blog, writing, "The thought that is being projected by viewers who protest is a blanket outcry on teaching your kids to lie, no matter the on subject or situation. We appreciate your thoughtful position and understanding. We have learned and do understand that a lot of viewers don't believe in the gravity of the situation — they don't believe the repercussions that we discuss could actually happen. So much education is needed, we see, for those who truly seek to understand."

They just want their freedom

"If we are completely open and say this is who we are, this is the truth about our family, it means devastating consequences for us," Auralee explained on the TLC series. "We as a family have chosen to be on this television show even though the risks we face for doing it are drastic. We do it because we need the public to know what we're really like. We need to shatter the prejudice that is against us. We need something to change for the thousands of other polygamist families out there. We need to be free."

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