Viewers are tuning into TLC's newest reality TV series Seeking Sister Wife to follow along with three families as they look for another wife to add to their growing polygamous family — or in the Briney family's case, navigate the transition after already welcoming another wife. While there's a fair share of drama between Drew Briney's three wives, fans can't help but get distracted by the way his second wife Auralee Briney speaks — and they can't figure out if she has a lisp, an accent, or a speech impediment.

"No, Auralee, you don’t have a lisp. You can’t say your 'r's, which is far less endearing than a lisp," one fan tweeted, and another wrote, "Auralee…if someone told you that was a lisp they were clearly mistaken. You have a severe speech impediment. Why haven’t you gotten help for it? I heard at least one of the kids struggling with it too."

But just days after the show premiered on TLC, Auralee had gotten so many comments about the way she speaks that she decided to write a blog post to explain why she sounds like she has a strange accent. "My Grandma is Danish and says I look and speak just like the people in Denmark and just to accept it as my heritage. 'You have a Danish accent,' she would tell me," she wrote. "But, I have trouble accepting that because although I have Danish blood, I am the only person in my family with a 'Danish accent.' This leads to many jokes like I genetically inherited a Danish accent, LOL. My school told me it was a lisp so I accepted that (seemed more logical). Unfortunately, my school didn’t have a good therapist to help me."

"However, it has been brought to my attention recently from a speech therapist who sounds like they are a lot more knowledgeable then [sic] my 'speech therapist' in elementary school, that it is not a lisp at all!" she continued. "It is just some articulation challenges that with the proper instruction, I can overcome! I would LOVE that. Now I just need to find a GOOD therapist who is able to help me."

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