It’s hard to dredge up any information on TLC’s May 2012 special Birth Moms — which followed three pregnant women as they looked for adoptive families for their children — let alone intel on where the stars are now. The network has scrubbed the show’s page clean, the IMDb entry is empty, and there’s no Wikipedia article about it. But we did find two of the cast member’s on social media! Here’s everything we know about the Birth Moms trio:

Kandice Machado

Kandice raised a lot of eyebrows — not because the then-23-year-old was once a sex worker and a drug addict, as Starcasm noted, but because she admitted to smoking and drinking during her pregnancy and working as a “professional shopper” aka shoplifter.

According to her Facebook profile, Kandice has settled down! She got married in June 2016, she’s living in Orangevale, California, and she has a family now. “I’m forgiving, loving, and kind,” her page reads. “I do have a heart but push me, and you’ll regret it. My kids are my life.”

Taylor Walters

Little is known about Taylor’s life these days, but she made headlines around the time the show aired because of her arrest just a few weeks prior. She was cuffed for failing to make a court date regarding a previous arrest for grand theft. When the special debuted two months later, Starcasm reported she was released from jail. According to TLC, she enrolled in cosmetology school after her stint on the show.

tlc birth moms taylor walters mugshot
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Taylor’s mug shot.

Lindsay Batts

Lindsay is the hardest of these women to track down. All we know about her is her tragic backstory: She was raped and impregnated while unconscious on pills.

We did, however, unearth an interview she gave to a blog called BirthMothers4Adoption in May 2012, in which she stated that she gave birth to a girl named Phoebe and placed her with a family the month before. “The hardest part is knowing I’m only her birth mom, no longer her mom,” she said at the time.

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