No one in their right mind would agree to marry a complete stranger, right? Wrong! Lifetime's hit reality TV series and social experiment Married at First Sight is winding down with Season 6, but they've already started casting for the upcoming season in Philadelphia — which means there are enough people in America who actually would voluntarily sign up and put themselves through the process of being matched with a stranger by a group of experts for what basically would become an arranged marriage. If you feel like you're crazy enough to be set up with your future husband or wife and document it all on reality TV, then keep reading below to find out how to sign up and apply for the upcoming season of Married at First Sight!

How to sign up for Married at First Sight:

The show's website has a section specifically dedicated to casting, and the network is currently accepting applications for the next season, which will be filmed in Philadelphia. The application can be filled out online, and it includes questions that will help the team of experts determine whether an applicant would be a good fit for the show, plus it also asks for relationship preferences like religion, race, appearance, and other things that could be dealbreakers in a potential marriage.

What happens after you sign up?

After filling out the application and submitting it, it will then be reviewed and applicants will be chosen to attend group workshops, according to executive producer Sam Dean.

"The matchmaking process is incredibly intense," Sam revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "The very first thing we do is hold group workshops..within the participant agreement there is a section on prenups, which essentially says that if this doesn't work out, the participants will leave the marriage with what they entered into it."

Those workshops will help producers vet and narrow down the thousands of applicants to about 60 through background checks and psych evaluations, then the third round of vetting begins. "Each of the four experts conducts their own individual research, and this is an incredibly grueling process," Sam said. "It requires hours and hours and hours of each of the participants' time … Our psychologist gives each of the candidates an open-ended psychological questionnaire, which has approximately 50 questions. If done correctly, it will take you upwards of 12 hours."

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