It’s been 23 years since Fred Goldman’s son Ron was found stabbed to death, but the 77-year-old has vowed to collect the $70 million O.J. Simpson owes him. Though the famous athlete was acquitted for Ron’s murder as well as for the death of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, a civil court jury found him liable in 1997, and he was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the grieving family — which has more than doubled over time due to interest.

Goldman’s attorney, David J. Cook, asked Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenburg on Tuesday, Jan. 30, to order O.J. to turn over any money he has made from autograph or memorabilia signing, promotion, and other commercial enterprises. The judge ruled that Cook would need to present the names of individuals who may have hired or paid the Heisman Trophy winner.

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Fred Goldman with his daughter Kim (left) and wife Patty during O.J.’s murder trial.

“The judge said if you want to do that, you are going to have to identify who is paying Mr. Simpson,” Cook explained in an interview with Radar Online. “It’s a temporary pause in our tempo, but it won’t stop us. We can call it a low-level speed bump.”

O.J.’s release from jail on Oct. 1 — he spent nine years behind bars for a botched robbery — no doubt reignited Goldman’s desire for justice. Cook stated that he plans to depose the former NFL star in Nevada to figure out who he’s done business with.

Meanwhile, O.J.’s attorney, Ronald P. Slates, told reporters at a press conference that his client offered the Goldman family $5 million “from the very beginning.” He also claimed the 70-year-old made an offer about 21 years ago to give up potentially 25 percent of any gross revenue he made in the future. The offers were reportedly denied.

Cook shared that even if his client gets paid, the family will never feel whole again. “They live with the loss … and anyone who sees their children die before they do, the loss of a child can be very consuming,” he told Radar. “Fred rejects, as many people do, what’s called ‘closure.’ Closure for anybody who has lost a child is an obscene word.”

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