Below Deck Med‘s Kyle Viljoen slammed costar Max Salvador when the deckhand said he considered himself part of the LGBTQIA+ community because he was a straight ally.

After an alcohol-fueled night out during the Monday, November 13, episode, the crew returned to the Mustique and had a discussion over meeting up with the all-female charter guests they had just hosted at a local bar.

Max ended up having several passionate make out sessions with one of the former guests and thought about if they could have a future. Kyle fired back, “I am putting my entire season’s tip money that you and Leni will never work out. You are 23, and she is a grown businesswoman.”

Kyle, who is gay and engaged to Dr. Zachary Riley, added, “Don’t rub your f–king straight dick around here.” Max took issue with being called “straight” as he felt he was part of the gay community by being a supporter, saying he is “LGBT plus S.” Kyle immediately questioned, “What is S?” while the Frenchman said he was straight but could be included as part of the gay community.

The South Africa native fired back, “You guys have your ‘straight.’ You cannot include yourself in LGBT, you must be crazy,” adding, “Support your straightness and show your allyship for us. That’s it.”

The duo then debated whether or not being an ally of the gay community allowed straight people to be included in the acronym. “Me? Of being all together? You don’t like that?” Max asked Kyle, who responded, “LGBTQIA+ does not include straight individuals. Not even allies are within our acronym. That’s our thing. I accept your allyship but I do not accept you saying you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

The conversation didn’t stop there, as Max explained, “But bro, the goal of the world is to be accepted by everyone,” as to why he felt it was OK to be included, but Kyle shot it down, telling him, “You accept me, but you cannot be part of my community. You’re not gay or bi.”

Kyle’s fellow stew Natalya Scudder seemed to defend Max’s sentiment, asking if he would ever be involved in a threesome that included another man and when he said he would, she claimed he could be part of the community as he was “bi-curious.

“A part of a community is being accepting of every community,” the Australia native told Kyle, who snapped, “Not you. Take a backseat. It’s got nothing to do with you, it has to do with him.”

Lead deckhand Lara Du Preez, who is also gay, later said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that the conversation seemed to get out of hand. She felt that Max’s heart was in the right place and that the debate was overblown.

During the WWHL episode, both Lara and bosun Luka Brunton played a game with Andy Cohen where he asked the deckies who was the biggest “pot stirrer” on the boat, Kyle or Natalya, and both were quick to say the former.

This is the second season of Below Deck Med where Kyle and Natalya have worked together. They had a rollercoaster friendship in season 7, but this season have gone from being close pals and roommates to having frequent clashes.

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