What exactly is going on with the self-titled “King of Extreme” on Instagram? Recently, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has taken to the social media platform to highlight plenty of women in his life and fans are wondering who TF they are. The answer seems to be that most, if not all, are members of the Discovery Channel crew filming the show, but, like, why is he posting them? Just to introduce fans to the people behind the scene? Are there no men working on the show, or is there something else going on here? 

This all started in mid-September 2016, and fans have been quick to give their guesses in the comments. “Hey everybody! This lovely lady helps keep the crew safe! She is dangerously AWESOME!!!!” Bear wrote on the initial post. And right away, the predictions and suspicions came rolling in. “Oh snap!!!! Bear got a crush!!!” read the very first response, with another saying, “Sounds like wife for Bear.”

That picture was just the start of things. He also posted about a dozen more, introducing some of the women by name and just showering others in compliments about how awesome and “extreme” they are. “Another very talented adventurous and EXTREME film girl!” he wrote on one of the other posts. “It’s really a honor to get to meet so many AWESOME ladies!!”

And on almost every post, there are plenty of comments from fans wondering if there’s something romantic going on. It wouldn’t be that shocking, either. Though the women to all seem to be people that Bear works with while filming his show, his big brother Bam Bam started a relationship with one of ABP‘s producers. It’s definitely possible that Bear is following in his footsteps — or at least trying to. Especially when some of the pictures seem to show the women in less professional settings. 

“I was just a wild animal when I first met her!!” the reality star wrote on Sept. 23. “She has helped my family out a lot!! And she has become my friend!!! She is AWESOME!!! Thank you Julia!!!” The fact that Bear clarified that Julia is his “friend” didn’t stop the comments. “Bear!! Is your whole film crew pretty women ??? If so, you are the James Bond of Bush living ??,” wrote one follower, with another adding on a different picture, “So Mr. Extreme are you smitten with one of these beautiful women you keep posting?” 

On most of the posts, though, women are just lining up to try and figure out how they can catch the attention of one of the Brown family brothers themselves. “I’ll admit I’m jealous of all the women around you an your brothers,” wrote one fan. Another had a more direct request: “It’s nice of you to spotlight your co-workers, and I’d like to sign up to be the one who keeps Matt safe ❤️ ?❤️.” Hey, as far as we know, Bear is single — although some of his siblings have been secretly dating people behind the scenes. But if you’re looking to become the Queen of Extreme, well, it seems like the Alaskan Bush People crew is the place to be. 

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