It’s time for a change! Alaskan Bush People‘s youngest star, Rain Brown, is coming into her own and she asked to no longer be treated like the baby of the family during the latest episode of the hit Discovery show. The conversation started when her sister Snowbird brought up the idea of them living together in the future.

Rain told her big sister, 23, that she doesn’t want to cohabitate with their eventual husbands anymore, even though they once considered it. “Rain and I, especially when she was younger and I was younger, we always talked about having a shared house and a shared everything,” Snowbird said in her confessional while talking about the relationship she has with her 15-year-old sibling. “Lately, she’s made it more and more clear that she doesn’t really want that.”

“I feel like you think about me in your memory as like seven-year-old little Rain, and I’m not her anymore,” Rain said, while explaining her viewpoint. “My entire life, people, especially Birdy, have always treated me as this fragile thing that everybody has to take care of. And being the youngest, I’ve always been fighting just to be a person.” After Rain’s candid confession, Snowbird understood exactly where she was coming from. 

“I do have to admit you have grown into a capable young woman,” Snowbird told Rain. “You remind me of me a lot, because there was a time where the brothers wouldn’t let me do anything by myself. And now I’m doing stuff for everybody, so just recognize you are too.” Rain’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind and she recently accused her big brother Noah‘s wife Rhain of stealing her name. The family has faced their fair share of drama on and off the show, so we’re sure they’ll figure out a way to make amends if they haven’t done so already!

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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